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March 21, 2022  

Heather Moday, MD: Improving Immune Health

March 21, 2022

Most of us don’t know much about how our immune system works and yet it affects every aspect of our health. We hear a lot about boosting our immunity, but what does that actually mean and how can it be done? Dr. Heather Moday talks about how the immune system is influenced by the way we live - our behaviors, diet, habits, and environment - and the four primary Immunotypes that underlie the immune imbalances that commonly lead to disease, chronic inflammation, infection, allergies, and autoimmunity. Dr. Moday is board-certified allergist and immunologist, as well as an integrative and functional medicine physician. Her new book is, The Immunotype Breakthrough: Your Personalized Plan to Balance Your Immune System, Optimize Health, and Build Lifelong Resilience.

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